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The Power of Waves of Hope

Waves of Hope is working to improve the quality of life of our local community through education, development and volunteer efforts.

Building a High School in northern Nicaragua

Pro-surfer Holly Beck gives back with Waves of Hope

El Coco Loco Resort is home to our non-profit foundation Waves of Hope.

Founded in 2009, Waves of Hope is a Canadian based non profit organization working in northern Nicaragua to help alleviate poverty and create a better future for all. Our three main priorities are improving educational opportunities, investing in infrastructure and helping to create a healthy and vibrant community.

Please visit us at to learn more about our programs, initiatives and internships.

Our Vision

Educated, healthy and prosperous communities.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life in our community through strengthening local education, healthcare, and infrastructure.


  • Education – Our team of community interns are on the ground daily, engaging, educating and investing in the lives of children and youth.
  • Health – A healthy community is a strong community.  We are protecting and promoting the health of families and children through donations, education programs and training.
  • Infrastructure – Ensuring our community has the literal building blocks for success is a key priority.  We are investing in clean water solutions, local infrastructure improvements and the environment.


From the Founders:

We came into this project knowing very little about development work.  What we did know was that we wanted to live alongside our neighbors and improve their quality of life along with our own.

Since our humble beginnings in 2009, we’ve raised over $200,000 for our community and had over 30 interns helping us on the ground. We have begun to see tangible results in education, health and prosperity within our community and we are just getting started!

We believe that living as part of our community is what makes Waves of Hope unique. Our friends and neighbors have taught us the beauty of simplicity, of how to be present in life everyday and how to enjoy even the smallest of passing moments.

Our projects and initiatives have generally been ideas and concepts developed by community identified needs and desires. We see our role mainly as being a facilitator. We help to review the feasibility of projects and assist in determining the best way to implement these projects. We then seek out funding partners to help make these community dreams into reality and then assist in the management and implementation of these projects. This partnership empowers our neighbors and allows them to design and implement their own path out of poverty.

We are very excited about the future here in Nicaragua and forever grateful for how our community welcomed us with open arms four years ago. We are also incredibly thankful for all of you who have helped make Waves of Hope all that it is today! Without you, none of this would be possible.


Ben, Jamie & Earl